Castle Mandawa

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The perfect spot to find Shekhawati’s legacy is by means of the reclassified history and extravagance of Castle Mandawa, which today is the best heritage hotel in Mandawa. It revives the idea of luxury in an artistic way. Medieval turreted towers, palanquin-roofed balconies blend with modern conveniences in old-world rooms are just a few specialties of Castle Mandawa. Time is kept by a massive brass clock gong which is struck by the resident timekeepers in the fort every hour..

Castle Mandawa is a part of the Mandawa Group of Hotels, rich in Rajashtjan’s imperial heritage and design. Today it stands as a gem at a King’s crown that provides 70 outstandingly reinstated grand luxury suites, that have been the chambers of the Maharajas before.

Castle Mandawa, one of the best heritage hotels in Mandawa which is a palace turned into a hotel standing tall and proud in the enchanting and dynamic city of Mandawa. Town of Mandawa rests in the middle of the desert state of Rajasthan, and Castle Mandawa drops in the Shekhawati area – a spot in heap hues in the midst of the brilliant desert Castle Mandawa is an ideal model for majesty at its very best. The royal household of Mandawa converted this Haveli in Mandawa into a sumptuous and rich five-star resort where the individuals get a chance to appreciate modern conveniences and admire its magnificent architecture at the same time.

This Hotel in Mandawa includes a restaurant, gym, pub, and garden. The idea of turning something to a resort as majestic as the royal residence of the lords is a one-mimicking the extravagance of these sovereignties in the sort of an elaborate and rich hotel which dribbles of advancement and design. Embellished in what could be portrayed as the most structures, wall paintings, and works of art, and this goal gives cutting edge notwithstanding a stay that is rich.

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