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Responsible Tourism is not simply a buzzword, but demands attention of each stakeholder, direct and indirect. It is a serious and ongoing affair. Our intent is to turn every partner, every traveler and tourist sincerely responsible towards the conservation of the environment and its offerings which includes human race as well. Terra Tales has taken concrete steps in order to strengthen the ethos of sustainability at its level and the contribution continues.

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The name “Terra Tales” signifies our company’s primary object of promoting unexplored experiences and earthen stories unfolding the description of beautiful locations and ethos of our resorts and lodges created by the ardent owners.

Our way of functioning has ascribed us as the best Hotel Marketing Company in Delhi and in India. We are actively working in the fields of Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Rural Tourism.

Rock Villa Jabarkhet

La Villa Bethany Landour

Good Reads

Uttarakhand The Goat Village

After we crossed Mussoorie, roads became emptier, towns smaller and the Uttarakhand hills—some arid and low-lying, others lush and towering—more dominating. Soon, we reached tiny Pantwari and then even tinier Laser Gaon, from where the famous trek to Nag Tibba begins. The Goat Village we were headed to happened to be halfway up this trek route.

On the last leg of our journey, Puneet and I were in for a treat. First, Vinod and Suraj from the Village came down with hot mint Read more >

An Enriching Journey to Landour Uttarakhand

“Go where you feel most alive”

Where is that for you? For me, it’s the mountains particularly the Himalayas.

Just before the call came to knuckle down and self isolate the Alok Bhan Singh family had a wonderful trip to the foothills of the Uttarakhand Himalayas, our destination was Mussorie. En route we stopped at the largest buffalo market in North India, in Uttar Pradesh. A Murrah buffalo costs between Ra6000 and Rs1.5 laks!! Come, buy and sell your buffalo Read more >

The Terraces Kanatal A mountain paradise

Over a starlit bonfire in the thick of Kaudia Forest at Kanatal, Uttarakhand, a naturalist of Nepali descent regaled us with tales from his army days. Blame it on the several glasses of the good stuff but a few of my co-travellers imagined that they’d seen the fiery eyes of a leopard a few feet into the darkness. The unknown enveloped us all around, kept at bay by the leaping flames of our camp fire but only just. Who knew, perhaps the sonorous voice of our young guitar Read more >